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ModernUI 1.3

So Fresh And So Clean

Product Details

So Fresh
And So Clean

scene 3 (Copy).png

Features :

  • Inspired By Metronic Colors
  • Font Awesome All Over the Style
  • Fully Responsive
  • Google Webfonts

1.Text As Logo Can Be Changed from style property

Text Logo.png

2.FontAwesome All Over Style "Node Icons as FontAwesome"

node icons.png

3.CSS3 Message Layout

CSS Message Layout.png

4.FontAwesome User Navigation

User Navigation.png

Installation :

  • Upload Content Of "Upload" Folder to Your xenForo Folder
  • import Style From "XML" Folder
  • Enjoy
[​IMG] Live Preview : DohTheme [​IMG]

Screenshots :

DohTheme 2014-07-13 02-33-15.png DohTheme-Ipad.png DohTheme-Iphone.png

Brand-free Version : Here


  1. Logo.png