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Snap - xenForo 2 2.1.7

an Extension of the Thinking process

Product Details

Snap is the simplest can expresses pure user experience , made to improve users engaging with forum make it much easier because every thing is easily visible.
Clean design is our way in snap enough spaces between every style element,mixing the relaxing white with flat colors comfortable to the eye.
The new changes in layout (navigation-threads) are made to change the way user uses forum focusing in whats really matter to him.
Snap will really formalized you forum as you want. TRY IT NOW

Screenshot-2018-2-24 DohTheme.png Screenshot-2018-2-24 DohTheme(1).png Screenshot-2018-2-24 DohTheme copy.png

Snap is packed with a lot of enhancements and optional features

Color 1 : [​IMG]

Color 2 (Color) : [​IMG]

Color 3 (Dark) : [​IMG]

[​IMG] [​IMG]


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