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Mere is our latest premium theme release, which is our demo present default theme. The use of contrasting colors gives this theme its slick & trendy look, perfect for any website type. Mere also has a few custom features included (all settable in current theme settings) like show or hide header message, collapse node categories, and an option to switch the sidebar position.

Choose Color:

Minis.png Memerianis.png Shore.png dark.png

RE-ME Features

More Features:
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Clean Retina & HD display Support
  • Google web font & Custom Icon font
  • Avatar Shape
  • Guest Message
  • Header Background
  • Text Logo
  • Two Login Triggers Styles
  • Remove Selected Tab Sub-Links
  • Collapsible Categories
  • Simplified Node Statics
  • Sidebar Position
  • Collapsible Sidebar
  • Collapsible Sidebar Blocks
  • Three Different Messages Layout
  • First Post Unique Background
  • Offline status indicator
  • Collapsible User Extras
  • Optional Glyphs (Navigation-Sidebar-Message ActionBar)
  • Extra Footer is easily customized.
  • And more........
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Release date
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Renewal price
Initial support
12 months