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Not a bug Melody - Couple of issues that I found...

Discussion in 'Suggests & Bugs Report' started by Mr. Goodie2Shoes, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Hello,
    A nice theme you got there! :D

    So firstly, please do update the "call to action" button, specifically this one:

    Then when a new avatar is set, the avatar container for the "My Account" navigation tab does not get updated... I am talking about this one:

  2. Dohtheme

    Dohtheme Administrator Staff Member Feb 16, 2016

    thank you for purchasing "Melody" and being interested in our style.
    we can't find avatar issue in our demo here is screenshot :


    for the call-to-action button it is for add-on or not ?
  3. Try changing the avatar. Once the avatar is set do not reload the page and check if the avatar there has changed or not.

    that's part of XenForo's core css. :)
  4. Dohtheme

    Dohtheme Administrator Staff Member Feb 24, 2016

    for the avatar it is working without problem
    for the call to action it is already customized can you tell me where i can find it uncustomized ?

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