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Not a bug Tweet button in thread

Discussion in 'Suggests & Bugs Report' started by storm shadow, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. Its gone in Ideal v2 theme , is there anyway i can have it back :)
  2. Solved
    It was in top of page instead of the bottom :oops:
  3. Dohtheme

    Dohtheme Administrator Staff Member Aug 27, 2016

    happy to get it solved :)

    if there is anything else send us

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  4. miamiog

    miamiog New Member Sep 4, 2016

    @Dohtheme All the icons in the flat theme aren't showing up for me. Please help, thanks!
  5. Dohtheme

    Dohtheme Administrator Staff Member Sep 4, 2016

    @miamiog please PM me with link of your site

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