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Joy - xenForo 2 2.2.1

Joy has cyan and blue that makes it so beautiful on your eyes.

Product Details


[​IMG] [​IMG]

List Node Layout: [​IMG]

Grid Node Layout: [​IMG]

Joy is a colorful & joyful Theme suitable for any kind of community .Interestingly, with the bright color tone you can set up for your forum more joyful, dynamic, and young.
Built on our powerful framework, it comes with a bunch of great features like featured post that lets you a specific post at the top of forum.

Joy fully supports the following features:
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Clean Retina & HD display Support
  • Custom Iconfont
  • Guest Message
  • Text Logo
  • Collapsible Categories
  • Collapsible Sidebar
  • First Post Unique Background
  • Offline status indicator
  • Extra Footer easily customized
  • And more........
Node Background Shape isn't supported in Safari browser


  1. Screenshot-2018-3-5 DohTheme.png
  2. Screenshot-2018-3-5 Main forum.png
  3. Screenshot-2018-3-5 Welcome To xenForo.png
  4. thumb.png