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Melody - xenForo 2 2.1.1

Fresh rhythm

Product Details


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DohTheme has created a new theme called “Melody”. Melody starts out fresh with the gorgeous and a header title so you can put anything in the title or even telling about your site description. The header also includes a fixed navigation.
Theme Options :

- Header Background
You can choose your own background for your whole header.

- Header Title
Your header title stands out so make sure your title stands out too.

- Header Title Info
This is your description above your title.

- New Posts Style
Custom UserInfo, PostContent for threads

- Enable Extra Footer
For extra storage we made an extrafooter so you can store more stuff on the bottom of the page.

- And Don't Forget "ReMe" Framework Options

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


  1. Screenshot-2017-12-5 DohTheme-min.png
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  3. Screenshot-2017-12-5 Welcome To xenForo-min.jpg
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