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I want a special theme

New Member
Hi everyone,

I liked the nexus theme, but I do not want to see the same theme elsewhere and license link.
I want to customize the forum accordingly. Can you make customizations for me? Uncover a unique theme. my sites: forumandroid (.) com

I also want to pay for optional services. I have a unique theme.

Branding-Free version (15.00 USD)
+15.00 USD renewal per 12 Months
Branding-Free Style means this version doens't have our copyright text "Made By : Dohtheme" in the bottom of the site.
Installation (15.00 USD)
+15.00 USD renewal per 12 Months
XenForo Product Installation
Customization (50.00 USD)
+50.00 USD renewal per 12 Months
We offer customization services for all our themes. We love the way our customers get our themes modified for amazing new purposes


Please contact me. Thx dear.