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This time we present you Allec; we carefully designed this theme to have all you need to build an incredible community. Not only is this theme very user-friendly and flexible, but it's also easily customizable to suit your needs.


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RE-ME Framework Features List
You don’t just get a simple theme; you’ll get settings that will change the default framework into your own. It’s your website; make it yours!

  • Google Web font is easily configured.
  • Node Background
  • Avatar Shape
  • Custom Scrollbar
  • Guest Message
  • Sticky Staff tools
  • Text Logo
  • Two Login Triggers Styles
  • Remove Sub-navigation row
  • Collapsible Categories
  • Sticky Category Strips
  • Simplified Node Statics
  • "New" Indicator Label
  • Sidebar Position
  • Sticky Sidebar
  • Collapsible Sidebar
  • Collapsible Sidebar Blocks
  • Separate Sticky Threads
  • Show avatar of who last posted
  • Online/Offline status indicator in the discussion list
  • Three Different Messages Layout
  • First Post Unique Background
  • Offline status indicator
  • Collapsible User Extras
  • Optional Glyphs (Navigation-Sidebar-Message ActionBar)
  • Extra Footer is easily customized with 8 different widgets.
  • And more......
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Renewal price
Initial support
12 months