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Resolved Marshmellow - node background issues

New Member
Hello @Dohtheme ,

Just purchased this and it looks quite nice. :)

However have several issues and need your help.

1. Firstly - I am unable to change the node background for nodes past number 25. Because over the years we have gone through several restructuring, my node ID is now over 100. Can you please advise on a way to adjust the node background for nodes past 25?

2. Secondly, are you able to support node backgrounds for nested categories?


Result - it seems to glitch and no node background appears:


3. Thirdly, is there an issue with this option: Hover Background on Nodes? I toggled it on and off and it has no effect. Always has a blue tint - even on the live preview here on www.dohtheme.com

hover-bg-not-working.png Any help would greatly be appreciated.
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Hello @Dohtheme ,

I figured out Issue 1 (using CSS manually) and Issue 3 (I misunderstood the option)

If you could investigate Issue 2 that would be appreciated. :)