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Themes That Aren't Supported Anymore

Hello DohTheme Customers,

Here are the themes that are no longer supported anymore:
  1. Adore
  2. Cloud Pro
  3. Bell
  4. Flat
  5. Melody
  6. iDeal
  7. Magic
  8. Minty
  9. Serenity
  10. Lynk
  11. Snap
  12. Prime
  13. Sportyez
  14. Align
  15. Dir
  16. Clainc
  17. Noval
  18. Mars
  19. Pi
  20. LEVEL
  21. Xmagazine
  22. Pelikan
These themes haven't been getting any sales lately and are kinda old from when they were created from today, so it came to DohTheme that these themes are no longer supported anymore.

If you want the theme to be upgraded to the last version, it's gonna cost you $15 (same as the renewal term for support). Also, if you want additional features, it will cost you depending on what you want.

Note: DohTheme will longer proceed with the upgrade if your license expires and the renewal term.

If you have any questions, please contact us at admin@dohtheme.com.


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When xenForo 2.2 gets released, these themes that are no longer supported anymore:
  • Sportyez
  • Align
  • Dir


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When xenForo 2.2.8 gets released, these themes are no longer supported anymore:
  • Pelikan
  • Xmagazine