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Solfège 2.2.13c

Solfège 2.2.13c

Solfège v2.2.13c
  • **NEW** two new versions.
  • Login dropdown property enhancements.
  • Clickable node images.
  • Table header bug fixed.
  • Animation added for the "Trendy" version

Solfège 2.2.13b

Solfege v2.2.13b
  • Sticky category strips in mobile bug fixed.
  • Sticky sidebar bug fixed.
  • Light/Dark icon switch added.
  • Custom scrollbar option added.

Solfège 2.2.13

Solfège v2.2.13
  • Upgraded to xenForo 2.2.13
  • Structure Item note bug fixed.

Solfège 2.2.12a

Solfège v2.2.12a
  • Suggest forum and Questions forum icon bug fixed.
  • Block description issue fixed.
  • Small Logo spacing in mobile fixed.
  • Inline moderation bar bug fixed.
  • Other minor bugs fixed.

Solfège 2.2.12

Solfege v2.2.12
  • Upgraded to xenForo 2.2.12
  • **NEW** Fancy demo has been added.
  • Dark demo enhacnements.
  • Labels enhancements.
  • Menu tabs enhancements.
  • Message layout enhancements.
  • Input enhancements.
  • Block-header tabs bug fixed.
  • Standalone tabs enhancements.
  • Member profile enhancements.


Minor layout bugs fixed.
  • Minor layout bugs fixed.

Solfège 2.2.10

Upgraded to xenForo 2.2.10
  • Upgraded to xenForo 2.2.10


Solfege v2.2.9.2
  • Content width calculations and PHP 8 bug fixed.
  • Text editor visual enahncements.
  • node img is now available in the parent themes.
  • Dark version enhancements.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

Solfège 2.2.9

Solfège 2.2.9

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